Forget the show. The network is Canceled.

SeeSo. Back, back, back, Gone!

SeeSo / NBC Universal posted a statement to Facebook on Wednesday:
“We’re writing to let you know that later this year, SeeSo will be shutting its comedy doors” Courtesy: Variety, Full Article.

Does this matter for NBC? Not really. NBC Universal launched the streaming service in order to stream flagship NBC shows like SNL, The Tonight Show, & Late Night the next day. Lucky for us, most of those shows already stream next day on Hulu.

What happens to the original programming? They either get canceled or picked up by another network.

Were there any original shows worth watching? I only wrote about three. Here are the excerpts…

  • “There’s…Johnny!” – “Created by, Paul Reiser & starring, Tony Danza the show is a comedy that takes the perspective of the people working behind the scenes of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It’s an interesting concept with some heavy hitters producing. It deserves a look.”
  • Hidden America With Jonah Ray – “…It’s a “tour the country” type show, of which there are many (see Food Network). But, so far the closest thing we get to funny is Anthony Bourdain, and he’s a chef. I think Ray succeeds in holding a mirror to that style of show and creates genuine laughs while doing it.” Full Blog.
  • Shrink – “…the show and main character, Tim Baltz (David) are pretty funny. You might recognize him from his many parts in Drunk History on Comedy Central. Making the main character a therapist is a great idea as far as being able to create endless eccentric characters as patience.” Full Blog.




They probably shouldn’t have charged $4 a month for a service we didn’t want or need.



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