Update: “Hard Knocks” premiere. I can’t quit you.


Premiere Update:

You’re the High School girlfriend I can’t quit. I’ve moved on to other shows, even ones that remind me of you. But, once a year you come around and the nostalgia of better days is too strong. We have a lust filled 5 weeks, but just as quickly as we fell back into old habits… I leave in the middle of the night, swiping right on my way out. (“Oooh, Curb is back”.)

…We’ll always have the Jets.

NFL Hard Knocks: TampaBay Buccs (season 12) – HBO 8/8

Football fans 5-week guilty pleasure. 90% of the audience isn’t a fan of the featured team, but we need our football fix. HBO gets lucky again this year with the Tampa Bay Buccs who have plenty of personalities to follow in training camp; Jameis Winston, DeSean Jackson, Mike Evans, and newly drafted O.J. Howard.

Forget all that. This trailer sucks! This might be the worst football hype video of all time. How do you not hit us with the theme music that made you famous?

Boom! Show me a wall to run through!

But, really they’ve been giving us a shitty product for years. Knowing we would keep coming back because we needed our football fix. Almost 8 million people watched a glorified practice called the Hall Of Fame Game on Thursday night. Maybe season 2 is when people realize there’s a new football dealer in town… Amazon, slinging that Blue Magic.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Hard Knocks, “take a walk”.


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