“The Sinner” wasn’t this just on HBO?

The Sinner (2017-) / Crime-Thriller / 60min / USA Network

*No Spoilers

First things first, Jessica Biel has still got the goods. Even in a disturbing role, it’s difficult to hide how hot she is. It’s probably a good move for her to take on a role outside her comfort zone. I am sure it will land her a more serious movie role.

As for the show… The fact is, it’s a copycat league. HBO finds a hit with The Night Of and USA says, “we can do that”. It’s no different from other networks taking a shot at their own version of Mr. Robot. Unfortunately, I don’t think this one has it. I acknowledge that these types of crime thrillers move slowly, but I found myself checking the shot clock during this one (“damn. 25 minutes to go”).

With the bar for quality television being through the roof, I don’t think this one makes the cut. That being said, this is a close-ended show scheduled for only 8 episodes. So, it’s easier to watch knowing we’ll get a conclusion.


Watch / Binge / Cancel

It’s hard to give a show with only 8 episodes a “cancel” tag. So I say, “watch”. But, I may not make it to the end.


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