“Narcos” season 3 trailer. Just what we wanted.

Season 3: September 1st.

Narcos (2015-) / Crime – Drama / Netflix / 60min / IMDb

With season two ending how it did and four seasons on the books, this season will be the turning point. Can they stay hot and keep putting out gut wrenching episodes or does the series begin to fade? The trailer opens up with a ridiculous choice of music, Bel Biv Devoe – Poison. Don’t get me wrong that song is 90s R&B royalty, but the Rolling Stones and drugs were meant for each other; no shame in playing the hits. Anyway, cut to a token bad guy played by, Gabriel Iglesias. A horrendous comedian who doubles as a horrendous actor… “uh-oh”. Good news, it looks like he dies immediately. And that’s when they get back to their bread and butter of non-stop violence. It’s good to see Pedro Pascal (Agent Pena) or better known as Oberyn Martell (the guy who gets his skull crushed in G.O.T.) is back as well. All in all, it looks like we are in for another savage season of Narcos.


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