Ozark, the new Bloodline. (S1 review)

Ozark (2017-) / Drama, Thriller / 60min / Netflix / IMDb

*plot spoilers

The pilot opens up with a banger of an episode. My favorite kind of first episode. Jason Bateman plays the lead and directs. He’s joined by Laura Linney (never been a fan), playing his wife. Bateman is a financial advisor who washes cash for the Mexican cartel and finds himself on the run in Ozark, Missouri from the FBI as he tries to not get himself and family killed. That’s a hell of a plot if you ask me. It’s taking the Bloodline spot in the Netflix lineup and has the same eerie backwoods gangster feel. (just look at the poster)

I want to address the most common comparison Ozark is drawing; Breaking Bad. Yes, Bateman is a straight laced financial advisor who essentially “breaks bad”. He even has his own clever ways of getting out of near death situations. However, the issue is Bateman doesn’t manufacture a product. He doesn’t have a product at all; he provides a service. Because of this, he will never be the numbah one in command and fully “break bad”. But, this bodes well for the future of the show because it allows for writers to create new villains for him to work for. (with the success of season one look for big names to join the cast) The biggest argument for the Breaking Bad comparison comes from the ancillary characters. Laura Linney (wife) = Skyler White; “should have let the bad guys kill her”. Sophia Hublitz (daughter) = Walter White Jr.; “It isn’t possible for you to be a bigger pain in the ass”. Julia Garner (P.I.C.) = Jessie Pinkman; “You’re on my team, but I can’t trust you”.

P.S. Julia Garner like Aaron Paul, is the breakout star.

Watch / Binge / Cancel

You’ll watch the first two without getting up.


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