“Ballers” AKA: Entourage 2.

Ballers (season 3) / Comedy, Drama / HBO (Sunday)

With that headline, it may seem like I’m bashing Ballers. On the contrary, Ballers is great popcorn television. With every model in America trying to get their face on camera and professional athletes hounding their agents for a cameo spots; Ballers is the reincarnation of Entourage. Same promos, same graphics, same music, same 30-minute comedy/drama script.

We all loved Entourage. It was a pop culture phenomenon and changed summer TV as we know it. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end. But, fortunately for us, HBO figured out how to repackage it with the biggest movie star on the planet.

Not every show on television needs to be an Emmy nominated master piece. Fast cars, hot chicks, and predictable plots aren’t just for the movies. But, don’t get preachy on us in the middle of a set. Play the hits and we’ll keep showing up every Sunday @ 10.

Binge / Watch / Cancel

“The Rock” in 2020. There are certainly worse options.


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