Netflix: “The Stand-Up”… Review

Netflix decided to split each 30-minute set into their own episode. However, they are recorded at the same time and the playback is seamless if you decide to let it roll.

*no joke spoilers… just one.

And the winner is… Dan Soder!

Below, I picked Dan to win this thing and he didn’t disappoint, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t close. I thought everyone was deserving of the showcase. Even though Soder isn’t an impression comic, he does do one high pitch voice for everyone. Still, somehow it always seems to work. To his credit, he was also able to come with completely fresh material as far as I could tell. There is also something to be said for a comic who can instantly read the crowds reaction and adjust accordingly. Overall, Soder seems like the kind of guy you would most want to have a beer and tell jokes with. I see him popping up a lot more in the near future.

#2 Nate Bergatze
Nate opened up with some stuff I had seen before, but it was still funny and he quickly got to new stories. Speaking of, he is a vastly underrated storyteller. He proves you don’t have to be boisterous and animated in order to tell laugh out loud stories.

#3 Beth Stelling
For me, Beth was the wild card. I hadn’t seen much of her and didn’t know what style she was going to bring. She has a raspy slow delivery, but not in an off-putting way and she manages to kill with it. She also has the quickest side comment wit of all six. Frankly, I was getting worried that the men were going to have a clean sweep of the top 3 spots, but Beth quickly took care of that.

#4 Deion Cole
He is most definitely unconventional. As a true old school move, he brings a small notepad on stage with him and pretends to read jokes from it. It is a very Mitch Hedberg style, with an endless supply of one-liners. “Why are there no black band-aids?”

#5 Nikki Glaser
By this point, many people are familiar with Nikki Glaser’s work. If you are it’s exactly what you expected to see. It’s better than most, but not amazing. On the plus side, she might convince your girlfriend to try anal.

#6 Fotune Feimster
Unfortunately, this is what I expected. Now, this wasn’t terrible or even bad by any stretch. But, she seems to be a one trick pony. We know you’re a lesbian and by all means, write/talk about what you know. However, your 30-minute set cannot be one lesbian punch line after another. Lucky enough for her, it seems to have carved out a niche role in movies and TV.

*look out for each of the top 3 to pop up in more things next year.

I thought this move from Netflix deserved its own post…

On July 4th, Netflix is dropping a 3 hour standup special called “The Standups” with 6 comedians each doing 30 minutes. It’s filmed in the same venue, on the same night, one after another… and the set list is excellent. These names may not be Louie C.K. or Chris Rock, but they are all damn funny. Here is the list and where you may have seen them:

Nikki Glaser

Deon Cole

Fortune Feimster

Beth Stelling – This is the only one I didn’t recognize. Wild Card.

Dan Soder (“Opie & Anthony Radio Show”) *my pick to win this talent show.

Nate Bargatze – I have no idea how this guys isn’t famous.

This is a great way to give six comics who are on the brink of becoming household names a 30 minute trial. Six specials for the production price of one is a genius move. Hopefully, at least two of them kill and get the hour long pay day next year.


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