The Summer Jam Comes From a TV Show!


Great promo track. Not so great show. James Davis is a talented writer and comedian, but the world is still in search of the next Chappelle Show.


“Hood Adjacent” is a new Comedy Central show from comedian James Davis, debuting Wednesday, June 28th. Comedy Central has been hitting viewers over the head with promos, but I just saw the full one for the first time and it is absolute fire. Forget the show; this is the best rap song of the summer.

The show is set around James’s real life upbringing, where he lived “Hood Adjacent” in South Central. It originated from the most watched Comedy Central Snapchat series “Swag-A-Saurus”, created by him. Hearing this dude speak one time in either an interview or his stand-up, you can see why Comedy Central is giving him his own show. He hooked me with, “Homies think I’m soft, because I’m nice at golf. Kill ’em with the sand wedge, 56 degrees loft.”


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