Ray Donovan: One Man Mob (Sunday 8/6)

The best part about Ray Donovan is, he’s definitely a real person. This guy has to exist, or at the very least existed at some point. There is no way 80s cocaine L.A. didn’t have a “fixer”. Ray Donovan is hands down the best character on TV and that has a lot to do with Liev Schreiber being the man. Liev Schreiber has been nominated for best actor in a drama in four straight years. He’s the Buffalo Bills of dramatic acting. Ray Donovan has been getting overshadowed by not necessarily better shows, but better advertising. Even if the show had a little slump in the middle seasons, it was just that; a slump. I’ll admit, I am going to have to go back and refresh season 4, but I am all in for season 5.

Season 5 – 8/6


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