Schedule: “Disjoined” on Friday

8/25 Disjointed (premiere) – Netflix IMDb
A comedy based around Cathy Bates owning a weed shop in Colorado… That’s it.


8/25 The Tick (premiere) – Amazon
The Tick is yet another comic book and a remake from the 2001 show staring Patrick Warburton. However, this isn’t your standard superhero. He’s just a nerd accountant in a costume. Ha! I love that. The first time around this was funny. Let’s see if Amazon can keep it up. (In true Amazon style the first episode is available now. HERE.)


9/1 Narcos (season 3) – Netflix

With season 2 ending how it did and 4 seasons on the books, this season will be the turning point. Can they stay hot and keep putting out gut wrenching episodes (in a good way) or does the series begin to die? The trailer opens up with a ridiculous choice of music (Bel Biv Devoe – Poison) and Gabriel Iglesias, a terrible Mexican / American comedian who doubles as a terrible actor playing the bad guy… “uh-oh”. Good news, it looks like he dies immediately. And that’s when they get back to their bread and butter of non-stop violence. It’s good to see Pedro Pascal (Agent Pena) or better known as Oberyn Martell (the guy who gets his skull crushed in G.O.T.) is back as well. All in all, it looks like we are in for another savage season of Narcos.


9/10 The Orville (premiere) – FOX
Created, written, produced, etc. by Seth MacFarlane. This is a spoof of Star Trek. I feel like he’s been waiting a long time to have the clout to make this show. I’ll watch, you’ll watch, we’ll all watch.


9/13 South Park (season 21) – Comedy Central
Season 21 will debut on Wednesday, September 13th. I don’t know if any show as ever let their fans down more than South Park did in season 20. It was their most hyped season of all time and simultaneously we had the most bizarre presidential race of all time. And… nothing. There’s no soft way to put it, it sucked. Recently creator Trey Parker and Matt Stone said, they will be getting back to the bread and butter of the show and that means featuring the kids and not political news. This is great news for all South Park fans. Pretty much all of season 8 which is widely regarded as their best season ever, is mainly focused on the kids. Here’s hope they can return to the glory days of “can’t go to sleep after” hilarious television. Season 21 Air Dates.

South Park


9/28 StartUp (season 2) – Crackle
I wrote in depth about season 1 and how it rivaled anything else on TV. With everyone back for season 2, I don’t see why it should be any different. Read More: Season 1.


10/1 Curb Your Enthusiasm (season 9) – HBO

This feels like a Mayans situation. We need to worship Larry David like the sun. I fear we will not survive another six years of TV without him. “LAR-RY! LAR-RY! LAR-RY! All hail the merciful Larry!”


10/1 Ghosted (premiere) – FOX

Executive producers & staring; Craig Robinson & Adam Scott. Sold. This is Hot Tub Time Machine combined with Ghostbusters, combined with Men in Black. I’m throwing the “Must Watch” tag on this one.

10/11/2017 Mr. Robot (season 3) – USA

Season one was ground breaking TV. A Reddit wildfire that could not be contained. Mr. Robot is the epitome of a binge worthy drama. Not to mention producing a breakout star in Rami Malek (Emmy Winner: Best Actor). Even though season two fell off a bit, it ended with a literal bang and remains a far cry from average television. Season 3 promises to be a good one as they introduce Bobby Cannavale, a television A-lister into the cast.

10/13 Mindhunter (premiere) – Netflix

Netflix, can’t stop, won’t stop. Give us a minute to breathe or at least stop having nightmares for a week. The trend of deeply disturbing television continues with Mindhunter. Even so, the level of quality continues to be above and beyond every other network. Sleep is overrated anyway.

10/22 The Walking Dead (season 8) – AMC

Shows can often fall victim to their own popularity. Much like Game of Thrones. If everyone is telling you, you have to watch it; it’s natural to take the contrarian stand and stay away. This was The Walking Dead for me. It followed Breaking Bad on the same network and even had its own post show like Breaking Bad (Talking Dead). On top of that its a show about zombies… OUT! But, once the hype died down and I was able to discover it on my own, I couldn’t get enough. Binged the shit out of it. It’s one of the most suspenseful drama’s on TV and deserves a look when you’re ready. If you’re not already a fan, the trailer may not make sense. But, if you are, season 8 looks like a banger.

10/31 Stranger Things (season 2) – Netflix

The follow up to the phenomenon that was season one. A very smart move by the creators; they planned on making season two and three from the jump and had most of it written before being picked up. This will make for more cohesive stories and shouldn’t feel slapped together last minute. Can’t wait. Drops on Halloween.


8/20 Episodes (Season 5) – Showtime
Another quality comedy that doesn’t get enough attention. It stars Matt LeBlanc and even though you won’t know the other 2 main characters, there are plenty of people to recognize. This show has been on thin ice recently from its underserved low numbers. It’s time people pay attention to this one before it’s gone.

Marvel: The Defenders (premiere) – Netflix
To say I’m not a Marvel or comic book show fan would be an understatement. (full disclosure, I did work on Jessica Jones) For those of us who don’t know the comic, The Defenders is a crime fighting team of other Marvel super heroes; Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, & Iron Fist. I am going to give this one a shot. Lots of action with the high production value we come to expect from a Marvel budget.

Get Shorty (premiere)- Epix
This is a spinoff of the 1995 movie of the same name. Spinoffs and remakes are always a gamble. But, I’m encouraged by this trailer and Chris O’Dowd (“This is 40” & “Bridesmaids”) is always funny.

Mr. Mercedes (premiere) – Audience Network
The Audience Network has been pretty tight lipped with details for Mr. Mercedes. But, all the early reviews are coming back the same… “jaw droppingly disturbing”. As far as we can tell it’s a cross between a Saw movie and Mr. Robot. I for one am excited to check it out.

NFL Hard Knocks: TampaBay Buccs (season 12) – HBO
Sports fans 5-week guilty pleasure. 90% of the audience isn’t a fan of the featured team, but we need our football fix. HBO gets lucky again this year with the Tampa Bay Buccs. Who has plenty of personalities to follow in training camp; Jameis Winston, DeSean Jackson, Mike Evans, and newly drafted O.J. Howard.

Ray Donovan (Season 5) – Showtime
Ray Donovan has been getting overshadowed by not necessarily better shows, but better advertising. Liev Schreiber has been nominated for best actor in a drama in 4 straight years. He is the Buffalo Bills of dramatic acting. Even if the show is falling off, give it a look before it’s gone.

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later – Netflix

Hell Yes! This is exactly what this franchise needed. There’s simply too much comedic talent to keep the story in the past. The show needed to come to the modern era to allow the plethora of actors to shine. I couldn’t even watch the entire trailer in fear of ruining jokes. Bottom line, if you’re a fan of the “Wet Hot” franchise, you watch this one immediately.

The Guest Book (premiere) – TBS

Not the most creative name in history, but it’s a sitcom. However, having the setting of your comedy being a hotel it gives endless possibilities for new stories and character cameos. Even though they could have done a better job with the trailer & poster, I noticed it’s created by Gregory Thomas Garcia. A guy with a TV wrap sheet consisting of, “Family Matters”, “Yes, Dear”, “My Name is Earl”, “Raising Hope” & “The Millers”. So, there’s a chance.

The Sinner (premiere) – USA

Jessica Biel’s first time back to TV since 7th Heaven and she returns to a drama thriller on USA. This is a close-ended series from USA, which prevents the story from being dragged out. With USA Network posting hits like “Mr. Robot” they deserve a look at a new one.

Ozark (premiere) – Netflix
Another fire promo from Netflix. Jason Bateman, money, guns, probably drugs, and who knows what. This looks like a winner. In.

Last Chance U (Season 2) – Netflix
The award winning Juco football doc. is finally back for season 2. It took me a while to get to the first episode. But, when I did, getting up from the couch for the next 6 hours was completely out of the question. We also know this is the last season for Miss. Wagner, she finally took a well deserved better job.

Loaded (premiere) – AMC
At this point, AMC can put a flaming pile of tires on loop and we’ll say, “what time is it on?” And that’s exactly the respect they deserve. Fortunately, this subject looks funny and very appropriate for today. Four idiots invent an app and cash in big… hijinx ensue.

Friends From College (premiere) – Netflix
It’s difficult to not get excited when you see Keegan-Michael Key in a comedy, but be cautious because he isn’t a writer or producer of this show. That being said, I am not thrilled about the plot line. However, throw in TV comedy veterans like Cobie Smulders and Fred Savage, and it has more than a chance.

Suits (season 7) – USA
This has been my favorite guilty pleasure show for a long time. Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter) & Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross) are both terrific actors, throw in a few hot chicks and a good story and you have a show. Unfortunately, like most shows they have been running out compelling ways to keep the story moving after 6 years of episodes. At least they still have one of the best title sequences in all of TV.

I’m Sorry – TruTV IMDb
Andrea Savage (creator), Tom Everett Scott & Jason Mantzoukas are all underrated comedic actors. Watch the promo and tell me you shouldn’t be watching this.


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