Schedule: Season 21!

9/13 South Park (season 21) – Comedy Central
Season 21 will debut on Wednesday, September 13th. I don’t know if any show as ever let their fans down more than South Park did in season 20. It was their most hyped season of all time and simultaneously we had the most bizarre presidential race of all time. And… nothing. There’s no soft way to put it, it sucked. Recently creator Trey Parker and Matt Stone said, they will be getting back to the bread and butter of the show and that means featuring the kids and not political news. This is great news for all South Park fans. Pretty much all of season 8 which is widely regarded as their best season ever, is mainly focused on the kids. Here’s hope they can return to the glory days of “can’t go to sleep after” hilarious television. Season 21 Air Dates.

South Park


9/28 StartUp (season 2) – Crackle
I wrote in depth about season 1 and how it rivaled anything else on TV. With everyone back for season 2, I don’t see why it should be any different. Read More: Season 1.


10/1 Curb Your Enthusiasm (season 9) – HBO

This feels like a Mayans situation. We need to worship Larry David like the sun. I fear we will not survive another six years of TV without him. “LAR-RY! LAR-RY! LAR-RY! All hail the merciful Larry!”


10/1 Ghosted (premiere) – FOX

Executive producers & staring; Craig Robinson & Adam Scott. Sold. This is Hot Tub Time Machine combined with Ghostbusters, combined with Men in Black. I’m throwing the “Must Watch” tag on this one.


10/11 Mr. Robot (season 3) – USA

Season one was ground breaking TV. A Reddit wildfire that could not be contained. Mr. Robot is the epitome of a binge worthy drama. Not to mention producing a breakout star in Rami Malek (Emmy Winner: Best Actor). Even though season two fell off a bit, it ended with a literal bang and remains a far cry from average television. Season 3 promises to be a good one as they introduce Bobby Cannavale, a television A-lister into the cast.


10/13 Mindhunter (premiere) – Netflix

Netflix, can’t stop, won’t stop. Give us a minute to breathe or at least stop having nightmares for a week. The trend of deeply disturbing television continues with Mindhunter. Even so, the level of quality continues to be above and beyond every other network. Sleep is overrated anyway.


10/22 The Walking Dead (season 8) – AMC

Shows can often fall victim to their own popularity. Much like Game of Thrones. If everyone is telling you, you have to watch it; it’s natural to take the contrarian stand and stay away. This was The Walking Dead for me. It followed Breaking Bad on the same network and even had its own post show like Breaking Bad (Talking Dead). On top of that its a show about zombies… OUT! But, once the hype died down and I was able to discover it on my own, I couldn’t get enough. Binged the shit out of it. It’s one of the most suspenseful drama’s on TV and deserves a look when you’re ready. If you’re not already a fan, the trailer may not make sense. But, if you are, season 8 looks like a banger.


10/31 Stranger Things (season 2) – Netflix

The follow up to the phenomenon that was season one. A very smart move by the creators; they planned on making season two and three from the jump and had most of it written before being picked up. This will make for more cohesive stories and shouldn’t feel slapped together last minute. Can’t wait. Drops on Halloween.


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